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2nd November 2002

It's been a long time. There are very few new registrations coming through now. We might have reached saturation point. I have added a couple of new names to the Pupil List.

18th August 2002

Added a shot of Sean Donaldson's 1716-1966 250th Anniversary Commemorative spoon.

11th July 2002

John Catling from Taylor & Fletcher in Chipping Norton

has dug out his sales file from 1985 to provide the original sales brochure and some great photos of the school as it was then. 

4th July 2002

Added another school report from 1965

supplied by Shaun Donaldson.

1st July 2002

Added more names to the 1966 School Group 


8th May 2002

Added a mailing list subscription. If you haven't 

already entered your email address, then enter it now to receive updates and newsletters.

30th April 2002

Still more school group photographs added to the Gallery page.

28th April 2002

Added names to the  1966 Group Photo and the 1962 Group Photo. Kindly supplied by Peter Ridgway.

25th April 2002

Aaagghhh! My Hard Disk crashed and I lost the last updates. I have spent some time re-creating them and hopefully everything is back in place. If you notice any problems, missing links, pictures etc. please let me know.

15th April 2002

At last, an update to be proud of. Sorry everyone. I have added several photographs to the Gallery. They are mainly school photographs, so rack your brains and let me know who is who.

15th April 2002

A few new entries added to the Pupil List over the past weeks.

8th March 2002, Friday

I'm really not trying hard enough am I. I have been away again. Added the names received while I was away to the Pupil List.

8th February 2002, Friday

Created a separate diary page to avoid having too much text on this index page.

6th February 2002, Wednesday

I have moved the website. This should not affect anyone as long as you are looking at www.churchillschool.info. People still pointing to the full address should change any bookmarks or links to point to www.churchillschool.info.

31st January 2002, Thursday

I've been away again, sorry for the lack of updates. Back now and I have added the new names that have been received while I was away to the Pupil List

Also added Alison Walman's name to the 1966 Anniversary Photo completing all names in the picture.

6th January 2002, Sunday

Added the new names that have been received while I was away to the Pupil List

4th January 2002, Friday

No, I haven't dropped off the face of the earth, I have just been travelling around it a bit, hence no updates to the site for two months. My apologies. I will try to catch up in the coming weeks. Happy New Year.

2nd November 2001, Friday

More names added to the 1966 Class Room group

30th October 2001, Tuesday

Added the newspaper articles about the dispute over who should get the money from the schools sale, 4 years after the school was sold. 

25th October 2001, Thursday

Added some more names, supplied by Shaun Donaldson, to the 1967 School Photo

24th October 2001, Wednesday

Added a copy of the All Saints Church Booklet, price 1/6. I don't know when the booklet is from, but it discusses the village, and the schools history. 

22nd October 2001, Monday

Arthur Payne becomes our oldest known pupil, starting at the school in 1924.

21st October 2001, Sunday

Added a piece by Edyth White recalling her father William Henry Anson, Head teacher of the school at the start of the twentieth century.

20th October 2001, Saturday

A change from the pictures, I have added some written material including an extract from Anne Walters will and the Lena Souch's memories of school in Churchill.

19th October 2001, Friday

A busy day. We are now registered as www.churchillschool.info. Also I have added some fantastic finds to the Gallery including a letter of absence from 1905! and a copy of the Schools Accounts from 1960. 

19th October 2001, Friday

Also added a plan of the schools layout in 1984 before it was converted to residential property. 

19th October 2001, Friday

Added some newspaper articles relating to the schools closure, plus a great photo of Isobel Harman and the last 12 pupils at the school.

17th October 2001, Wednesday

Malcolm Innes has been in touch with information about the time capsule buried around 1960.

Also added a complete list of all school Head Teachers from Ephrain Beasley in 1818 to Mrs. Isobel M. Harman in 1981.

12th October 2001, Friday
We've hit the big time and the website has made the local news, the Chipping Norton News.

23rd September 2001, Sunday
More photographs supplied by Peter Ridgeway showing a class group and a school photo

16th September 2001, Sunday
Some fantastic photographs supplied showing the school sports days and pupils Morris Dancing in the school playground. 

15th September 2001, Saturday
Added a Map of Churchill from 1885 along with current day maps showing our location. 

14th September 2001, Friday
Added a temporary link to the Internet Remembrance Campaign.

11th September 2001, Tuesday
Some other awards have been won and we have received a 'Top Site' listing on Seniority.co.uk. See the new Awards Page to review how our site is seen. 

7th September 2001, Friday
The site has won a 'Cracking Good Site' award for its appearance and content. A good idea that helps put people in touch with each other. If you have any comments about the site or how to improve it, let me know

3rd September 2001, Monday
Added a new feedback form. Using my own form handlers to tidy up the site and give me more control.

30th August 2001, Friday
Keith Payne is added to the Pupil list
and the teachers he remembers, Mrs. Ananins and Mrs. Hoverd.

17th August 2001. Friday.
A copy of Mike Cockburn's obituary has been received, again kindly supplied by John Mann. Mr. Cockburn was head of the school for 9 years from 1961 to 1970.

16th August 2001, Thursday.
Angie Robson has been in touch. She is the grand-daughter of Mr Anson and can tell us that Mr Anson was the Headmaster of the School for 37 years from 1892, to 1929. This gives us our first detail from the 19th century.

12th August 2001, Sunday
A fantastic addition. John Mann has been able to dig out a School Report from 1970! Signed by Mr Cockburn as the Headmaster and Miss Perret.

10th August 2001, Friday
Added some more pictures to the Gallery. The Slimbridge school trip and a picture of the playground. Also re-formatted the History
page to add info supplied from feedback and to give some information on its current status.

5th August 2001, Sunday
Completely redesigned the look of the site now that I know people are coming to it and reading it. Hope everyone like the new look and hope that it grabs new visitors attention and encourages them to read further and give us some feedback.

31st July 2001, Tuesday
Added a Plan of the School as it was in the 60's and 70's, supplied by Peter Ridgway.

26th July 2001, Thursday
Also added a Pictures page. At last, perhaps the most important page on the site after the feedback form.

26th July 2001, Thursday
Added the start of a teacher list made up from the comments received from pupils who have submitted details.

25th July 2001, Wednesday
Wrote a brief History of the school from local information. Reading the background literature actually makes it more confusing as people either don't seem to agree, or are a little ambiguous about dates. Still, its a start and will be updated as questions are answered. If you have any information then get in touch with me and let me know. They must have taught History at the school!

24th July 2001, Tuesday
Added a much simpler format Pupil List, sorted by each pupils Starting Date at the school. I'm trying like crazy here, I've got databases and all sort going to try and record the information and present it in a useful way. I think, as ever, that the answer is going to be to keep it simple.

23rd July 2001, Monday
After only 3 days on the web, Ann Fitton supplies the first response to the web site request for information and so John Mann and Ann Fitton become the founding Father and Mother of the web Sites search for information.

21st July 2001, Saturday
After a couple more e-mails, the site is listed on the ex-chippy school web site and the Churchill and Sarsden Village web site.

20th July 2001, Friday.
After an exchange of e-mails with John Mann, creator of the ex-chippy school web site and his supply of a copy of the news article relating to the school closing in 1981 the web site created and put on the internet. The site is the bare bones of web site with only an email address for feedback from anyone who went to the school or has any information about the schools history

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A collection of photographs of Churchill & Sarsden

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