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The Travelling Centurion

1970 Approx. Evesham Post

I have just re-acquired the attached picture. It was borrowed by William Hemmings in around 1974 and he returned it to me yesterday!

It was taken by the Evesham Journal and shows the visit to Churchill School of a chap who was walking the length of Britain dressed as a Roman centurion. The police wouldn't let him carry an authentic sword, though! 

The pupils shown are the middle class. Depending on whether there were 2 or 3 school years in the senior class (which I don't think we ever worked out) the picture would have been taken in the academic year 1969-70 or 1970-71.

Those shown are - on the pavement, from left: Standing in the playground, from left:
John Mann
Wendy MacElhill (?)
Dan Harman
Barbara Hemmings
Richard Charman
Paul Tyers (with string vest)
Tim Millard (fair hair)
2 Unknown (faces only visible)
Glyn Everall (jumper and tie)
Petula Seidel (face only visible)
Tim or Peter Ryan (with strap on hearing aid)
Unknown - person below the window.


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