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Churchill School, Oxford Trip, 1973

The 1973 Churchill School Trip. John Mann sent these photographs which he took, age 11, on a day trip to Oxford with the Headmaster, Arthur Warland.

John recalls "We spent the morning in the university science labs doing a project on pollution and in the afternoon went to watch cricket, probably because the Headmaster wanted to!"


The picture below is from the school trip to Slimbridge in 1973 supplied again by John Mann.

John recalls "We stopped off at Minchinhampton Common on the way, where I took this picture. Persons left-right are Petula Seidel, Paul Tyers, Arthur Warland (headmaster), Tim Millard, David Innes, Andrew Fowler. Mr Warland shot some cine film on this trip, I wonder what happened to that?"



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An excellent collection of photographs of Churchill and Sarsden.

A collection of photographs of Churchill & Sarsden

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