Group Photograph - but from when? We think 1966

Thanks to Peter Ridgway and Shaun Donaldson for supplying most of the names on this photograph. See the table below to identify who's who in the photograph.

There are still names missing. If you know anyone, or think the entry is incorrect, let me know.

Click here to email me with any details.



No. Name No. Name
1 Jonathon Guy 22 Clare Innes
2 Brian Cherry 23 Teresa Teagle
3 Mrs. Harling, Assistant Teacher. 24 Valerie Hedges
4 Jennifer Harling 25 Diane Taylor
5 Peter Dunferd 26 Linda Fiedler
6 Jamie Moir?? 27 Roger SIedel
7 John Kirk 28 Alison Walman
8 Mike Cockburn 29 Jane Harling (Daughter of Mrs. Harling)
9 Mike Ridgway 30 Bridget Millard
10 Keith Barnes 31 Shirley Sole
11 Yvonne Wilkins 32 Mike Sole
12   33 Jo Lewis
13 Christopher Walman 34 Lesley Kirk
14 Peter Crudge 35 Kevin Stringer
15   36 Younger sister of Diane Taylor
16 Ruth Innes 37 Jonathan Woods
17 John Dudley 38 Stephen Guy
18 Shaun Donaldson 39 Jane Cockburn, Mike Cockburns Daughter
19 Timothy Watson 40 Pamela Sole
20 Stephen Aurthurs 41 Lindsay Buck
21 Sandra Woodcock 42 Valerie Teagle



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