Group Photograph from 1962

Another group photograph! Do you recognise anyone? Are you in the photograph?

In particular, who is the chap in the front row, sticking his tongue out! Names already known are in the table below.

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No. Name No. Name
1 Mike Cockburn 21 Simon Moir
2   22  
3 Martin Curtis 23 Yvonne Wilkins?? or Roger Crudge ??
4 Edwin Page?? or Roland Cherry??? 24 Georgina Hedges
5 Jane Cockburn 25 June Curbishley
6 Sue Guy 26 Malcolm Innes
7 Ann Dudley 27  
8 Ruby Watson 28 Rosalind Cummins
9 June Beauchamp 29 John Kirk
10 Pamela Heeks 30 Neil Cockburn
11 Christopher Nicks 31  
12 Roger Crudge 32 Peter Dunford
13 Colin Tingey 33 Rosemary Atkinsons
14 Christopher "Twiddle" Langford 34 Ruth Innes or Jenny Heeks
15 Terry Wilkins>> 35 Brian Cherry
16 Trish Ridgway 36 John Dudley
17 Liz Sole 37 Jamie Moir
18 Jenny Fiedler 38 Tony Bothwell
19 Janice Nicks 39  
20 Tony Allen 40  


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