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Morris Dancing July 1973

More photographs recovered by John Mann. Recognise any  of the pupils or adults?. Let me know, click here to email me.

Morris dancing, July 1973. Photos by Ralph Mann.

John Mann recalls:

"The headmaster, Mr Warland, was a former Morris dancer and he formed a school Morris side in 1972. We practiced at lunchtime once or twice a week. There was a public performance in the playground in 1973. Here we are doing a sword dance with wooden swords that we had made ourselves.

It was not until the day before the performance that thought was given to what we should wear. White shirts was the decision, as an approximation of traditional Morris garb. It was then I discovered I didn't have a white shirt.... In the end it was agreed that as I was the dance leader, I would wear a black shirt. The dance involved a complex interweaving of swords following which I had to hold up the (hopefully!) interlocked assembly.

Dancers are (back to camera L-R: Richard Benson??, David Innes, John Mann, Richard Huffer(?)
Facing camera L-R: Martin Guy(?), ?, ?, Dan Harman (wearing glasses)

Mr Warland in jacket and tie facing camera, his wife is standing in the porch playing the accordion.

The original of this picture was a bit dark and I've had to boost brightness and contrast."

A performance by the younger children at the same time as the morris dancing. This picture hasn't scanned well, the original was very dark although all detail was visible. I've had to do a huge brightness and contrast boost but the end result is still poor.

I imagine my sister Ruth Mann is on here somewhere!



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