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The 1971 School Sports Day

More photographs recovered by John Mann. Recognise any competitors or spectators. Let me know, click here to email me.

1971 sports day, photo by Ralph Mann.

Wheelbarrow race. Competitors from left: Dan Harman "pusher" and myself(?) barrow; Mark Nicks (?) "pusher" and ?; Tim Harman "pusher" and Mark Hemmings "barrow"; final set of competitors unknown. Headmaster Mr Warland in white shirt and tie. The girl facing the camera in green dress to the right of Mr Warland may be Lesley Kirk, Pete can you confirm any of these?

The picture shows that Dan and Mark were not using the normal wheelbarrow race technique and this is causing some amusement among the spectators! Instead of "walking" along the ground, Mark Hemmings is bouncing up into the air using both hands as he is pushed along. This proved a highly successful technique although there was much argument as to whether this was within the rules!


Right hand runner John Mann, next from right Mark Nicks.


Sack race. My sister Ruth Mann in red top and yellow shorts.




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A collection of photographs of Churchill & Sarsden

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